What I Read Every Day While I Should Really Be Doing Something Else

So, I had to get this idea from somewhere. The One Thousand Lemons thing. Specifically, the quirky title I must credit to Sophie. I don’t know where she came up with it, but it’s really sealed the deal between me and my love of lemons. Thank you for giving me a personality trait!

But here I will list all of the blogs that have been burned into my psyche. Some have been burning for long, enduring years; others, just months. I am open to suggestions so if you have a WordPress account hit my line in the comments.

It wouldn’t be right for me to not credit my entire existence to Rookie. I’ve been reading that blog since spring of 2013 and it’s probably the first formal blog I’ve ever encountered, definitely through Teen Vogue or something. Tavi Gevinson, when asked the question “Who is your biggest inspiration?”, was ALWAYS the answer. She’s just so cool. She started the site as a style blog when she was literally just twelve. And then when she turned fifteen made it into something bigger. It really piqued my interest in knowing everything in the whole world because, somehow, a fifteen year old girl with the same interests as me knew everything. I found so many movies (The Virgin Suicides, American Beauty), TV shows (My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks), and music (just look at my old 8tracks account) through Rookie.

Two years later I discovered The Messy Heads, which defined my entire summer 2015. After a dry period of not really doing anything creative, the early version of The Messy Heads revived me into an individual. They inspired me to buy a bike for my birthday, read more books, dress like a hippie, and journal. And that’s exactly what I did. At first, it was two girls at the blog, India and Emma. They were two best friends living in California, and then India left the blog. Then Emma moved to all these new places like Los Angeles and Seattle and Paris and now New York. My favorite post of all time, which introduced me to one of my favorite songs, is this one. It used to have film photos in it against a white background, but Emma changes the site around all the time, so who knows when that will be back. I respect her life changes but I wish that she kept the integrity of her old posts in place. Her printed magazines are also very good, and she just came out with a new one.

I feel all fake throwing Man Repeller in with the OG favorites, but I’ve known about Man Repeller since Leandra Medine first became famous, so maybe it will count. I used to read Man Repeller a long, long time ago. I don’t remember any standout memories but I used to follow her on Wanelo, Tumblr, the works. Regardless of when I actually started consuming Man Repeller, I’ve always been ~hip~ to her concept of man-repelling. I read her blog every morning like it’s the newspaper and tbh, it kind of is. It’s really the content I want to see.

Sophie recommended a while ago to read Sea Foaming, and it’s actually so good. Their postings are sparse, but captivating and important when they arrive. I like their monthly edits a lot. It reminds me a lot of 2015 Messy Heads. The blog is based in Australia but has a lot of guest writers so sometimes you understand their weird lingo. I love their incorporation of the beach because it’s #relatableasfuck. Overall a great source of learning about Australian shit you don’t know about.

Within the last year, I started reading Teen Eye Magazine which I find refreshing. It’s written really well, almost professionally. A lot of girls from different perspectives contribute to the magazine and I always learn something new when I check it out. Although I don’t check it every day, I read it when I’m looking to learn something and read a lot of their posts at once.

I don’t know if The Cut is considered a blog or a news source, but I think it blends the two perfectly. It’s a little more newspaper-y than Man Repeller, but sometimes that’s good because I want to be informed and stuff. I found them two months ago via their millennial pink article. I remember eating millennial pink strawberry cream cheese and wearing a millennial pink shade of eyeshadow while reading it, what a time.

Besides all of these blogs, I read i-D for updates on pop culture and pay for the New York Times to keep semi in touch with my political science classes. Amanda just started a blog called Naive Young Woman, which I hope she continues because it is very good. Go read that blog if you choose to read anything on this post. 😉